Dance Guide for Weddings

by Rob Hilan

Dancing can change your life!! It’s fun, an good form of exercise, a great way to meet people.

Why not overcome your fears and try this basic guide to the amazing world of dance.

Covers a few basic steps (with photos) for Modern Jive and Waltz!!

Guide to Stripping

The Nerdy Girl’s Guide to Stripping: A 10-Step Guide for Stripping Your Way to Success
by Karma Carson

“Very informative and well put-together, even from a veteran perspective. I am glad to see a book that actually explains the ‘hows’ of dancing instead of just being a memoir tell-all.” — Ania Śniegowska, veteran stripper

“A truly step-by-step guide to dancing as a business and not falling into the trap so many dancers do. Your guide could save women years of hassle and heartbreak and maybe even their lives.”— ThatGuyPhD, author of The Adventures Of An Unlikely Gigolo.

Part self-help book, part how-to guide and part sales training manual, The Nerdy Girl’s Guide to Stripping is a 10-step handbook for achieving success as a stripper, whether that means graduating from college debt-free, launching a small business or staying home to raise your kids. It has practical, hands-on advice that will benefit you whether you’re a seasoned stripper or an aspiring dancer who has never set foot in a club. Written by a former dancer, this handbook walks women through the process and pitfalls of the dancing life, with an eye toward maximizing earnings

In this book, you’ll learn…
*How to make big bucks stripping while pursuing your dreams and goals
*How to set a goal and use it as a driving factor for your strip club earnings
*The four types of strip clubs and which one is right for you
*What to wear to your audition
*The secret trick that makes you look confident on stage
*What happens during a typical shift
*The one thing you must do after every shift
*The sneaky sales tactics every top girl knows
*Examples of effective, rapport-building conversation starters
*A step-by-step guide to selling champagne rooms
*The best books and resources for increasing your earnings
*How to upsell during the lap dance
*How to save on taxes
*How to build a professional resume while stripping
*How to stay healthy, physically and mentally
*How to leverage your dancing career for a successful and rewarding future

Indian Dance

Mudras of India: A Comprehensive Guide to the Hand Gestures of Yoga and Indian Dance
by Cain Carroll , Revital Carroll

For thousands of years hand mudras have been used in India for healing, storytelling, emotional expression, and to evoke and convey elevated spiritual states. For the first time, the elaborate system of mudras-as applied in yoga and Indian dance-has been organized into a comprehensive, fully-indexed and cross-referenced format that allows readers access to this still esoteric body of knowledge.

Mudras of India presents over 200 photographed hand mudras each with detailed instructions on technique, application, health and spiritual benefits and historical background. The authors have extensively researched the usage of mudras and their significance in the larger context of Indian spiritual systems, and taken painstaking efforts to ensure each mudra is rendered with correct Sanskrit name, transliteration and translation to English.

The book will appeal to spiritual seekers, students and teachers of yoga and Indian Dance, scholars and lay people, and anyone interested in the rich cultural heritage of Indian mudras, and the transformative effects of these powerful hand gestures.

Guide to Dance Music Production

LMMS: A Complete Guide to Dance Music Production
by David Earl

Written in a step by step tutorial style, learning comes as a result of creating a complete dance music track, along with the explanations that follow each stage. You have a computer and a love for dance and electronic music. Maybe you’ve been to some clubs, and the energy of electronic dance music has you completely under its spell. You see a DJ spinning, and everyone is dancing. It’s infectious. You want to make music that affects people that way. Today the open source community has offered you LMMS. Read this book, and you’ll be shown a process to creating great dance music. This book is going to connect the dots if you have already started making dance music, and provide a very solid foundation if you are just getting started – no matter what your skill level is.

Balinese Dance Guide

Balinese Dance, Drama & Music: A Guide to the Performing Arts of Bali
by I Wayan Dibia, Rucina Ballinger

Bali has long been known for its deep spirituality and extraordinary artistic heritage.

The dances, dramas, puppetry and music of Bali are more than icons for the island; they are part and parcel of life—as expressions of devotion to the gods, as entertainment, and as a way of instilling cultural values on each generation. Balinese Dance, Drama & Music is a lavishly illustrated introduction to Bali’s celebrated temple orchestra, the gamelan, to its ancient shadow puppet theater, and to a myriad of traditional and contemporary dances and dance-dramas that continue to enthrall locals and visitors alike.

Ideal reading for visitors to the island as well as for anyone interested in Balinese culture, the book presents the history and function of each performance genre, with illustrations and photographs to aid in identification. Introductory sections discuss the way performing arts are learned in Bali and the basic Balinese values which are passed on in these forms, as well as some of the basic religious and cultural tenets that are expressed in the arts and the functions of the forms themselves.

Different sections describe particular forms of performing arts, such as Gong Angklung, Legong, the Keraton dance, Wayang Kulit, and the new phenomenon of women’s gamelan groups, the evolution of each and the place it has in the culture of Bali. The book is enhanced with a bibliography and discography and over 150 specially prepared watercolors of Balinese performers and performances.

Making a Living as a Musician

How To Make It in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a Musician
by Ari Herstand and Derek Sivers

“Ari is at the front of the front. He gets it. I’ve read a hundred how-to-make-it-in-the-music-biz books, and this one is today’s definitive, comprehensive manual.” —Jack Conte, 150+ million YouTube views, Pomplamoose, CEO of Patreon

Forget everything you think you know about the odds of “making it” in the music industry. Today, odds mean nothing and success is not about lucky breaks. It’s about conquering social media, mastering the art of merchandising and simply working harder and being smarter than everyone else. We are living in the midst of an industry renaissance, one that has left the record companies desperately struggling to maintain their prominence, as a subculture of dedicated, DIY (do-it-yourself) musicians have taken over. These days talent is a given and success has to be earned.

In 2008, Ari Herstand boldly turned in his green Starbucks apron to his manager, determined to make a living off his craft as a singer/songwriter. Almost a decade later, he has become a founding member of the new DIY movement and a self-sustaining musician, all without the help of a major label. Now, drawing from years of experience, Herstand has written the definitive guide for other like-minded artists, the ones who want to forge their own path and not follow the traditional markers of success, like record sales, hits on the radio or the amount of your label advance. Incredibly comprehensive and brutally honest throughout, How to Make It in the New Music Business covers every facet of the “new” business, including how to:

Build a grass-roots fan base—and understand the modern fan

Book a profitable tour, and tips for playing live, such as opening vs. headlining etiquette, and putting on a memorable show

Become popular on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud

Get songs placed in film and television

Earn royalties you didn’t know existed and reach your crowdfunding goals

Musicians will not only be introduced to all the tools available today but will be shown how to effectively leverage them to actually make money. More important, they will develop the mindset to be aware of new advancements both online and in the real world and always stay in tune with a constantly evolving landscape.

There has never been a better time to be an independent musician. Today, fans can communicate with their idols by simply picking up their phones, artists are able to produce studio-worthy content from their basement and albums are funded not by “record men” but by generous, engaged supporters. As result, How to Make It in the New Music Business is a must-have guide for anyone hoping to navigate the increasingly complex yet advantageous landscape that is the modern music industry.

Guide on How to Produce Music

Electronic Dance Music Production: The Advanced Guide on How to Produce Music for EDM Producers
by Tommy Swindali and Austin R Stoler

Learn to produce EDM like a pro and take your music to a whole new level.

Why do some producers make great music after just one year, while others still sound average?

The answer? It’s how they learn and practice.

The most successful EDM producers develop real skills and build habits that help them learn quickly and effectively. But most importantly, they get a good start.

If you love EDM and you just want to make it, but you don’t know where to start, or maybe you just want to upgrade your production skills to get signed, then this book will show you how.

With all the music production advice out there, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. You may get a vague idea of the general topic. But you’re more than likely to be left confused, and you definitely won’t have any workable knowledge.

Well, the good news is this book changes all of that.

Save yourself time going through low quality YouTube tutorials and get all the information you need in one place.

Produce your an EDM song from scratch or from using the ideas in this book.

All the basics such as audio and midi, loops and samples, software, plugins are covered. In addition, this book will cover advanced things like using synths, arrangement, workflow, and professionally mixing and mastering your music to sound how you’ve always wanted.

EDM is more successful than ever. In fact it’s one of the most popular styles of music, and it is frequently in the Top 40 Charts. Listen up and start producing your own EDM now.

In this book you will discover:

The mind-set to making more music
Create catchy arrangements, buildups, drops and intros
Professional singer songwriter secrets revealed
Learn About EQ, compression, reverb, delay, sidechain and more
Create chord progressions and catchy melodies
How to finish your ideas
The single best piece of mixing advice ever
Production mistakes and how to avoid them
Mastering explained
The fundamentals you need to succeed
And much, much more…

So if you’ve ever wanted a single book that gives you all the knowledge to being a successful EDM producer, then click add to cart.

Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth

Dance of the Womb – The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth
by Al Musa, Maha

Learn easy belly dance exercises for pregnancy and birth. Dance of the Womb – A Beginner’s Introduction to the Ancient Arabic Art of Belly Dance as a Prenatal and Birthing Tool is an AWARD WINNING (Living Now Book Awards – Won Gold in the Exercise/Fitness Category), WORLD’S FIRST, must-read resource for every expectant mother to explore the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of belly dance as a prenatal exercise and process during pregnancy and labour.

Dance can help us to “self-discover” and embody our “authentic nature” which is essential for birthing. Middle Eastern dance (or belly dance), specifically for birthing, at its core is a traditional dance of the feminine, hence I like to call it the Dance of the Womb.

It is not the cabaret style dance or dancing for an audience that, so many are familiar with! It is about taking the Earthy, grounded and feminine language of belly dancing and mindfully transforming it, to be a way to guide you into opening and surrendering through childbirth.

Come, dance with me as I guide you through my personal journey toward motherhood through the eyes of an East-West cultural perspective interwoven with the teaching of simple, practical prenatal belly dance moves.

“Birth unites women in the power of oneness; the extraordinary gift we deeply share as mothers. Belly dance for birth reflects this very same essence of life and love.” – Maha Al Musa

“Maha Al Musa’s writing is rooted in her personal observation and understanding of Arab birth culture, for whom birth traditionally is a powerful dance, and in which women work with the pain. She interprets it to help women in childbirth. Maha, I love the way you write. It is so personal yet has universal significance.” – Sheila Kitzinger, author, anthropologist, natural birth advocator and mother of five

“I read Maha’s book whilst in Rio during the carnivale. What a unique opportunity to realise that dance is the most archaic form of art! No wonder that Maha can associate belly dancing with an event that involves the most archaic structures of the human brain!” – Dr. Michel Odent, MD, author and internationally renowned obstetrician working extensively in the area of childbirth research, water birth and natural birth since the 1960s.

Lap Dance Guide

Lap Dance: The Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Exotic Dancer (The Ultimate Exotic Dancer Package Book 4)
by Josh Law

This is the most comprehensive and NEWEST ebook to date on the subject of exotic dancing. This takes you from absolute beginner to the most advanced selling techniques an entertainer can employ in the Gentlemen’s Club.
Here is the table of contents for a brief description of what you will find in this unmatched informational guide.

Section 1 Stripping 101
1. Starting out in Exotic Dancing
2. Understanding the Strip Club
3. Customers
4. Toxic People at Work
5. Time Management and Maximization
6. Protecting Your Money at work and home
7. Social Code of Exotic Dancers
8. Drinking and Drugs
9. Contagious Diseases in the Club
10. Your Life Outside of Dancing
Section 2 Building the Perfect Stripper
1. Integrity
2. Building Self-Confidence
3. What Customers Find Attractive
4. 8 Reasons Why Customers Choose Certain Dancers
5. How to Handle Customers that Ask for Your Number
6. The Early Bird – Being to Work on Time Makes Money
7. Branding
8. Dealing with Female Customers
9. Zen and Living in the Now
Section 3 Attracting Customers
1. How to Work the Floor to Maximize Your Earnings
2. Pumping up Individual Sales
3. How to Use Twitter to Update Customers
4. You are Worth More then What the Dance Costs
5. Body Language and Seduction
6. How to Approach the Customer
7. Developing Regulars
8. Reducing Stress – Before, During, and After Work Part 1
9. Reducing Stress – Before, During, and After Work Part 2
Section 4 Personality Based Selling Technique
1. Introduction to Personality Based Selling
2. Personality Based Selling – The Basics
3. Extroversion and Personality Based Selling
4. Introversion and Personality Based Selling
5. Sensing and Intuition Type Customers
6. Thinking and Feeling Type Customers
7. How the Four Functions Fit Together
8. The Sensing Thinking (ST) Type Customer
9. The Sensing Feeling (SF) Type Customer
10. The Intuition Thinking (NT) Type Customer
11. The Intuition Feeling (NF) Type Customer
12. Your Personality Explained
Section 5 Polishing the Brass Pole
1. Tips on How to Remember Customers Names
2. Self-Confidence Redux
3. The Ideal Gentlemen’s Club to Work At
Section 6 Last Call

Thank you from Josh and Chandra.

Guide to Tap Dance

The Essential Guide to Tap Dance
by Derek Hartley

From the propulsive rhythm of the African dancer, to the swinging ragtime of the American jazz age, tap dancing has evolved into a unique blend of cultural expression, improvisation and creativity, open to all ages and abilities. With clear step-by-step instructions, The Essential Guide to Tap Dance covers basic steps such as the shuffle, pick up and paddle, before building these into traditional combinations such as the time step and shim sham. Additional material includes the history and development of tap dancing; rhythm and musicality; learning the language of tap dancing; the role of improvisation and choreography and finally, the basic steps to advanced techniques. This is the perfect companion to instruct the beginner tap dancer and expand the more experienced dancer’s technique, offering full-colour pictures, helpful instruction and essential notes on this vibrant and accessible dance form. Illustrated throughout with 138 colour photographs and line artworks.

Man Guide to Ballroom Dancing

Every Man’s Survival Guide to Ballroom Dancing: Ace Your Wedding Dance and Keep Cool on a Cruise, at a Formal, and in Dance Classes
by James Joseph

Learn how to satisfy a woman on the dance floor. Part guerrilla manual and part cotillion handbook, this book teaches the basic principles common to all music and dance, enabling you to walk onto any dance floor and perform an admirable dance, with any partner, to any music, with confidence and grace.

This book is an insider’s guide to ballroom dancing. It’s for non-dancers, newbies and beginners. Whether you fear dance or can’t dance or hate to dance; or whether you’re rhythmically challenged or just new to dance; or whether you’ve finished dance classes more confused than when you started, this book has the tools a guy needs to know to make his partner happy. (Ladies, despite the title, this book will help you too.)

Hear the beat, move your feet: * Learn a foolproof method to hear the beat of music * Learn to count music (they don’t teach that in dance classes) * Learn the correct way to count step patterns * Learn rhythm: single, double and triple rhythm, the building blocks of all dances * Learn three simple rhythm patterns that will get you through any song * Chapters on: slow dancing, survival dancing, the wedding dance, how to fake a dance, and more * 17 easy exercises (most you can do without a partner)

Guide to Dance Making

Dance Composition: A Practical Guide to Creative Success in Dance Making
by Jacqueline M. Smith-Autard

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How to Salsa Dance

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning How to Salsa Dance
by Enrique LK


At last, a book with an easy-to-follow guide in learning the basic steps in dancing salsa. This book is especially made for beginners who are only starting to learn how to dance salsa!

For a limited time, get this Amazon bestseller for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99, you can now read How To Salsa Dance on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn…

Introduction to Salsa Dancing

The Origins of Salsa Dance

Getting sexy with salsa dancing

Sultry salsa music styles

Steamy salsa steps for beginners

Rhythmic salsa dancing

Firing up the dance floor with your salsa dance partner

… And much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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The Dance of Connection

How to Talk to Someone When You’re Mad, Hurt, Scared, Frustrated, Insulted, Betrayed, or Desperate
by Harriet Lerner

Bestselling author Harriet Lerner focuses on the challenge and the importance of being able to express one’s “authentic voice” in intimate relationships.
The key problem in relationships, particularly over time, is that people begin to lose their voice. Despite decades of assertiveness training and lots of good advice about communicating with clarity, timing, and tact, women and men find that their greatest complaints in marriage and other intimate relationships are that they are not being heard, that they cannot affect the other person, that fights go nowhere, that conflict brings only pain. Although an intimate, long-term relationship offers the greatest possibilities for knowing the other person and being known, these relationships are also fertile ground for silence and frustration when it comes to articulating a true self. And yet giving voice to this self is at the center of having both a relationship and a self. Much as she did in THE MOTHER DANCE, Lerner will approach this rich subject with tales from her personal life and clinical work, inspiring and teaching readers to speak their own truths to the most important people in their lives.

Guide to Stage Management

The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management, 3rd Edition: Traditional and New Methods for Running a Show from First Rehearsal to Last Performance
by Thomas A. Kelly

The Most Widely Used Manual For Aspiring And Veteran Stage Managers – Now Revised and Expanded

The next best thing to shadowing a Broadway stage manager, this detailed, behind-the-scenes book as been brought completely up to date. First published in 1991, it is widely used and has been lauded as the most comprehensive, educational book on stage management available. From preproduction planning and first rehersals to opening night and final strike, all the essentials of the profession are presented here in a friendly, engaging style.

Blending how-to information with anecdotes from his own career, author Thomas A. Kelly explains the entire theatrical process, including:

– Organizing all rehearsals and performances
– Maintaining the working script, cue sheets, and daily records
– Supervising the technical aspects of the show
– Running shows outdoors and at other non-theatrical venues
– Dealing with performers and crew members on all levels

This new edition reflects all the latest developments and innovations in the industry and adds a totally new chapter on opera stage management, complete with an in-depth breakdown of the challenges this style of production presents. The text is supported by sample documents, diagrams, and charts that straddle time-honored approaches with what can be generated by today’s computer software. All the latest stage machinery is discussed, along with tips on finding employment. This guide remians the first choice for anyone who works in any branch of the profession, whether amateur, educational, or professional.

Guide to College Dance

The Genius Guide to College Dance Programs
by Angela Carter

This guide was specifically designed to help you and/or your high school student decide on a college dance program. It’s for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, stressed or confused about selecting the right fit. We interviewed graduates who became professional dancers, surveyed parents who’ve been through the process, and collected tons of information to be of assistance.

Every college dance program is NOT created equally. Each has it’s own unique foundation, culture, and focus. We guide you through programs of all shapes and sizes, and answer the following questions:
What should I look for in a college dance program?
What scholarships can I apply for?
What are the differences between studying dance in high school vs. college?
How do I prepare for college auditions?
What careers can a college degree lead to?

The Genius Guide to College Dance Programs simplifies the search process and provides guidance to the next step of your dance career.

Praise Dance Guide

Dancing On God’s Terms: Praise Dance Study Guide
by Wendy Bellorini

Dancing on God’s Terms is a clever play on words. Through these Hebrew and Greek terms, and their definitions, God describes His layout and plan for dance, praise, and worship. Dance ministry is impossible to carry out properly without praise and worship. We will look into both the Old and New Testament and study these terms in their original language.

The Place of Dance

A Somatic Guide to Dancing and Dance Making
by Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose

An essential guide to embodied awareness

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Publication Date: December 27, 2013
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Line Dance Essentials

A must have guide to Line Dancing
by Peter Heath

This book describes the terminology, dancing and teaching techniques used for modern line dancing. It describes the skills and competencies required for participants in all facets of the line dance industry, from dancer and instructor, through to choreographer, event coordinator, DJ and stage performer.

For anyone writing up a line dance dance sheet, this book should be essential reading. Way too many dance sheets do not consider the consumers of the dance sheet and are far too brief and ambiguous. The information in this book will assist in producing a much clearer sheet, enabling the dance to be more likely to be understood and adopted.

I have attempted to capture what works for me and my organisation over the past quarter century. I have proposed a lot of things that work for us, that are likely to be very different from what others are doing. If this book makes people think about what they are doing, and commences a standardisation process across the world, then I will have achieved my major goal.

Undergraduate Research in Dance

A Guide for Students (Routledge Undergraduate Research Series)
by Lynnette Young Overby, Jenny Olin Shanahan

Undergraduate Research in Dance: A Guide for Students supplies tools for scaffolding research skills alongside examples of undergraduate research in dance scholarship. Dance can be studied as an expressive embodied art form with physical, cognitive, and affective domains, and as an integral part of society, history, and vast areas of interdisciplinary content. To this end, the guidance provided by this book will equip future dance professionals with the means to move the field of dance forward.

Chapters 1–9 guide students through the fundamentals of research methods, providing a foundation to help students get started in understanding research protocols and processes. Students will learn skills such as how to choose a research topic, refine research questions, conduct literature reviews, cite sources, synthesize and analyze data, develop conclusions and results, and present their findings. Chapters 10–19 detail forms of undergraduate research in a rich diversity of fields within dance that are taught in many collegiate dance programs including dance therapy, history, science, psychology, education, and technology, in addition to public scholarship, choreography, and interdisciplinary topics. The book also includes a final chapter which provides annotated online resources, and many of its chapters are supported by examples of abstracts of capstone projects, senior theses, and conference presentations by undergraduate researchers across the United States.

Suitable for both professors and students, Undergraduate Research in Dance is an ideal reference book for any course that has a significant opportunity for the creation of new knowledge, or as an essential interdisciplinary connection between dance and other disciplines.

Guide to the Sweet Life

JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life: #PeaceOutHaterz
by JoJo Siwa

You might recognize firecracker JoJo Siwa from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, or maybe you fell in love with her on Dance Moms. JoJo’s nonfiction middle-grade debut is the next generation’s version of a real life Cinderella story: Nebraska girl becomes Hollywood’s belle of the ball, thanks to her spunky attitude and creative drive. Through the lens of JoJo’s personal experience and playful voice, she digs into themes such as finding your passion, keeping strong in the face of adversity, appreciating your individualism, the importance of being loyal, and never giving up. Most of all, JoJo’s story is meant to inspire young girls to find the courage and confidence to go after their dreams. Go Siwanatorz!

Etiquette in Social Dancing

Don’t Forget To Take Your M.E.D.S.: Modesty, Etiquette, & Decorum in Social Dancing
by TW Manson

Ready, set, dance! Wait! Don’t forget your M.E.D.S.! Modesty, etiquette, and decorum in social dancing should always be at the forefront of your mind with each dance experience you’re immersed in. This workbook is not scientifically tested nor FDA approved but I’m sure you’ll find it’s common sense approach to enjoying the dance scene and getting all of what you require from your dance experience useful.

The Dance of the Possible

the mostly honest completely irreverent guide to creativity
by Scott Berkun

The powers of creative thinking can be yours if you’re willing to laugh and learn in this concise, cliche free and memorable short book. With challenging chapters on topics like creative confidence, making bold decisions, and separating the need for feedback from the desire for encouragement, even if you’ve read other books on the subject or if this is your first, The Dance of The Possible will surprise you, make you think, laugh and perhaps even dance when you get back to work

Dance Guide for Campus and Beyond

Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond is a comprehensive bridge for students transitioning into the first year of a college dance program. Through this text, students will understand dance in new and exciting ways, embrace it as an academic discipline, navigate and take charge of their dance education, and visualize potential careers after graduation.

Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond opens students’ eyes to all the artistic, cultural, and educational aspects of dance. By expanding their thinking, students will move to a deeper understanding of themselves as dancers and the world around them.

The author demystifies the entire first-year experience while guiding students in the discovery of dance as a multifaceted discipline. Students will examine academic expectations, time management, the importance of staying focused, and balancing school and life. They will delve into the various areas of dance and a range of careers and paths available to them. They will learn the differences in types of college dance courses, the approaches used, and how to personalize their dance education through individualized instructional opportunities and peer collaboration. The text also will prompt students to visualize and plan their dance lives beyond campus so they can set clear goals for studying and succeeding as young professionals.

Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond contains many student-friendly features:

• 15 easy-to-digest chapters provide the rules of the road that lead to a successful freshman year and future career

• 49 interviews with current dance students, recent graduates, and dance professionals encourage students to reflect on and take charge of their learning

• Web resource with learning activities, glossary lists, web links, and other tools personalize each student’s journey through the content

With this text, teachers can help students expand their thinking about dance in ways that will lead to success on campus and beyond.

Guide to Ballroom Dance

The Essential Guide to Ballroom Dance
by Janet Cunningham-Clayton and Malcolm Fernandes

Ballroom dancing has become an increasingly popular pastime for all ages, inspired in recent years by reality TV dance programmes throughout the world. As one of the most inclusive dance genres, it offers both a social and competitive outlet for every ability. The Essential Guide to Ballroom Dance offers a comprehensive study of the main ballroom dance styles, including the Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Tango. Topics covered include a brief history and development of ballroom dancing; a beginner’s guide to partnerships, positioning and footwork; dance-specific techniques, steps and routines; the mechanics, application and fundamentals of movement; musicality and choreography and, finally, exercises, diet and nutrition. With clear step-by-step instructions, 150 colour photographs, and a foreword by Anton Du Beke, this is an ideal companion for the beginner ballroom dancer. Janet Cunningham-Clayton is a former Senior British Ballroom Champion and has over twenty-five years of dancing experience, and Malcolm Fernandes has over thirty years experience in the ballroom dance industry with a particular specialism in music.

Parent Child Dance Guide

The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide To Help You Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior
by Miriam Manela , C. Zwolinski

The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide to Help You Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior, shows you how to help your child improve his behavior and become calmer, happier, and more focused. You’ll also learn how to strengthen and enjoy your parent-child relationship–without guilt, shame, or blame.

Written by pediatric behavioral specialist, Miriam Manela, OTR/L, this sensitively-illustrated parenting guide contains over eighty creative activities and shows you the proven techniques the author has taught to thousands of parents, kids, teachers, and therapists.

Get help for your child for difficulties such as over-sensitivity or irritability; discomfort with touch, sound, smell, and taste; overly rough and rowdy behavior; frequent anger outbursts or temper tantrums; anxiety or nervousness; appearing withdrawn or shutdown; difficulty with peers, problems with teachers; and more issues that the author, a pediatric occupational therapist, has successfully treated in hundreds of patients in her private practice.

Recommendations and Praise for The Parent-Child Dance:

“Miriam Manela has the key to help you unlock the mystery of your child’s challenging behavior…A compassionate, insightful, user-friendly book.”

—Pat Carroll, host of “Raising Our Kids,” WCBS radio.

“This book is like having an occupational therapist living in your attic! Through science, step-by-step instructions, and helpful illustrations, Manela and Zwolinski beautifully reveal the secrets of therapeutic, purposeful connection for the benefit of parents and children alike. Let’s dance, let’s dance indeed!”

—Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D., Coauthor of the Bestseller, The Art of Roughhousing

“The Parent-Child Dance is a wonderful resource book for parents and professionals to help children with the range of sensory processing disorders…This must-have book is full of activities that can be easily integrated into play and everyday routines.”

—Dr. Georgia DeGangi Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist

“The Parent-Child Dance offers many creative activities parents can do with their children at home to help them with some common behavioral issues.”

—Howard Glasser is Executive Director of Children’s Success Foundation & Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach®

“The Parent-Child Dance could only have been written by someone with Miriam Manela’s expertise, dedication, and insight. In it, Miriam helps you get in touch with your child’s inner world, and gives you the tools you need to strengthen your parent-child relationship without blaming or shaming.”

—Richard M. Zwolinski, Author of Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better, and Move On

Contemporary Dance Guide

Looking at Contemporary Dance: A Guide for the Internet Age
by Marc Raymond Strauss and Myron Howard Nadel

With a focus on dance innovation from the late 19th century to the present, this history provides dance students with accessible information on the major contributors to the art. Organized chronologically by the decades in which innovators were born or dance organizations were founded, the study shows the similarities and generational character that arise from shared influence. Rather than illustrations or photographs, this modern guide offers links to YouTube videos and other internet references to view examples of the work discussed. The scope is international, with coverage of German, Swedish, Belgian, Dutch, Taiwanese, Russian, Finnish, and Spanish pioneers of the avant-garde to illustrate that dance is a global language that continues to break boundaries and explore new ideas. Just a few of the 120 artists and performers featured include Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, George Balanchine, Mark Morris, Twyla Tharp, Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Jose Limon, Katherine Dunham, Chunky Move, and Trey McIntyre.

Dance Study Guide

Dance, Stand, Run Study Guide: The God-Inspired Moves of a Woman on Holy Ground
by Jess Connolly

Have you ever considered what really inspires you to action?

If the collision of YOU and God’s commission peaks your interest, this is the study for you. Redefine what grace, holiness, and living on mission really mean in your daily life.

Dance, Stand, Run is a six-session video Bible study for any woman longing to change the world rather than be changed by it.

Through story and thorough Bible study, author Jess Connolly casts a fresh vision for what it looks like to live set apart as women of God in today’s culture.

And the best news of all? You already have everything you need.

This study guide leads you through thought-provoking group discussion, ways to live out what you are learning throughout the week, personal Bible study time that explores Greek and Hebrew Scripture connections, as well as alternative ways to worship and engage the teaching.

Sessions include:

Let’s Go Back
We’ve Been Found Out
Why and Really?
The Privilege Is Ours
The Struggle Is Real
In the Light, We Can Run

Designed for use with the Dance, Stand, Run Video Study (sold separately).

The Dancers’ Study Guide

The Dancers’ Study Guide will help you become a professional performer. This detailed guide looks at what it really means to be a dancer with a strong emphasis on health and nutrition and maintaining your fitness given the high physical demands.It also covers learning to dance, coping with auditions and the psychology and mindset of success. It has everything you need to know about being a successful dancer and performer. This well-researched and insightful book is for anyone interested in dance from its origins to its evolution, stretching, technique, dance vocabulary and ballet basics including a comprehensive timeline of dance history. Based on solid scientific fact, lessons, tips and advice, world-famous dancer and choreographer Anthony King shares knowledge gained from over fifteen years as a dance teacher at Covent Garden’s Pineapple Dance Studios.

How to Dance an Undead Waltz

(The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy Book 4)
by Hailey Edwards

Grier is nursing a broken heart after Boaz announced his engagement to another woman, but life goes on. Or it would if vampire assassins would stop taking pot shots at her every time she leaves Woolworth House. Seriously, who sends archers to deliver murdergrams these days?

To protect herself, Grier must pull out all the stops, even if it means revealing her darkest secret. All eyes are on her, and—for the first time—she begins to understand why Linus wears so many masks. But the target isn’t Grier, and when the archers single him out, it feels like one of their arrows might have struck what remains of her heart.

The Dance of Intimacy

In The Dance of Intimacy, the bestselling author of The Dance of Anger outlines the steps to take so that good relationships can be strengthened and difficult ones can be healed. Taking a careful look at those relationships where intimacy is most challenged–by distance, intensity, or pain–she teaches us about the specific changes we can make to achieve a more solid sense of self and a more intimate connectedness with others. Combining clear advice with vivid case examples, Dr. Lerner offers us the most solid, helpful book on intimate relationships that both women and men may ever encounter.

The Dance of Anger

The Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships
by Harriet Lerner

The renowned classic and New York Times bestseller that has transformed the lives of millions of readers, dramatically changing how women and men view relationships.

Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel—and certainly our anger is no exception.

“Anger is a signal and one worth listening to,” writes Dr. Harriet Lerner in her renowned classic that has transformed the lives of millions of readers. While anger deserves our attention and respect, women still learn to silence our anger, to deny it entirely, or to vent it in a way that leaves us feeling helpless and powerless. In this engaging and eminently wise book, Dr. Lerner teaches both women and men to identify the true sources of anger and to use it as a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change.

For decades, this book has helped millions of readers learn how to turn their anger into a constructive force for reshaping their lives. With a new introduction by the author, The Dance of Anger is ready to lead the next generation.