Guide to College Dance

The Genius Guide to College Dance Programs
by Angela Carter

This guide was specifically designed to help you and/or your high school student decide on a college dance program. It’s for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, stressed or confused about selecting the right fit. We interviewed graduates who became professional dancers, surveyed parents who’ve been through the process, and collected tons of information to be of assistance.

Every college dance program is NOT created equally. Each has it’s own unique foundation, culture, and focus. We guide you through programs of all shapes and sizes, and answer the following questions:
What should I look for in a college dance program?
What scholarships can I apply for?
What are the differences between studying dance in high school vs. college?
How do I prepare for college auditions?
What careers can a college degree lead to?

The Genius Guide to College Dance Programs simplifies the search process and provides guidance to the next step of your dance career.