House Music DJ Mix – Episode 8

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 8
House Music DJ Mix – Episode 8

01) Delyno – Private Love (DJ Junior CNYTFK & Dirty Vick Remix)

02) Mannix feat. Lisa Shaw – So Much Time (Original Mix)

03) Dan Balan – Chica Bomb (DJ Junior CNYTFK Remix)

04) Everything But The Girl – Missing (Javier Penna Deep Remix)

05) GALA – Faraway (DJ Junior CNYTFK & Dirty VICK Remix)

06) Tolga Mahmut & Berat Oz Feat. Aysegul Aktas – Blue Sky (Original Mix)

07) Mile – Unity (Dejan Dex Dub Mix)

08) Sak Noel  – Loca People (Extended Mix)

09) Dario D’Attis – Meleti’s Journey (Dario D’Attis Original Mix)

10) Sinan Kaya, Lee Walker – If You Really Wanted (Lee Walker Remix)

11) Chi Thanh – Faith & Trust (Original Mix)

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Time: 60 Min

House music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It has since become one of the most popular and enduring forms of dance music worldwide. Here are some key features of house music:

  1. 4/4 Beat: House music is characterized by a steady 4/4 beat, which means there are four beats per measure, making it easy to dance to. The kick drum often provides a prominent, driving rhythm.
  2. Repetitive Structure: House tracks typically have a repetitive structure, with elements like the beat, bassline, and melody repeating throughout the song. This repetitive nature is designed to create a hypnotic and danceable groove.
  3. Soulful Vocals: Many house tracks feature soulful or gospel-inspired vocals. These vocals often convey positive or uplifting messages, contributing to the feel-good nature of the music.
  4. Subgenres: House music has spawned numerous subgenres, each with its own distinctive style. Some popular subgenres include deep house (known for its mellow and soulful sound), tech house (with a focus on technological and minimalistic elements), and progressive house (characterized by its evolving and melodic structures).
  5. Sampling: House music often incorporates samples from other songs, particularly from disco and soul tracks. These samples are manipulated and integrated into the music to create new compositions.
  6. DJ Culture: House music has strong ties to DJ culture, with DJs often playing extended sets in clubs and at festivals. DJ techniques like beatmatching and mixing are essential in house music.
  7. Global Influence: House music quickly spread from Chicago to other cities and countries, influencing and shaping the electronic music scene worldwide. It played a pivotal role in the development of EDM.
  8. Iconic Artists: Many iconic artists have contributed to the house music genre, including Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, and Inner City, among others.
  9. Evolution: Over the years, house music has evolved and incorporated elements from other electronic music styles, leading to the creation of various subgenres and fusions.

House music remains a staple in dance clubs and music festivals, and it has a dedicated global fan base. Its infectious rhythms, soulful vocals, and timeless appeal continue to make it a beloved genre in the world of electronic dance music.