House Music DJ Mix – Episode 13

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 13
House Music DJ Mix – Episode 13

01) Ad Brown – Control It (Original Mix)

02) South Royston – Some Girl

03) Pete Oak – Desert Gold

04) Alpha Dogs – What U Feelin (Kinky Movement Remix)

05) Shane Blackshaw – Nobody Knows (Original Mix)

06) Forrest – Masquerade (Original Mix)

07) Da Sunlounge, Mikey V – Never Get Enough (Miguel Migs All Night Rub)

08) Evren Furtuna – I Feel So Free (Original Mix)

09) Bilber, Orti de Gossa – Dah Avenue

10) Mike Newman, Groovebox T – Get You (Original Mix)

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Time: 60 Min

House music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It has since become one of the most influential and popular genres in the global dance music scene. House music is characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beat, which often features a kick drum on every beat and a hi-hat on every offbeat. Here are some key features and subgenres of house music:

Key Features of House Music:

  1. 4/4 Beat: House music typically has a consistent 4/4 beat, which is easy to dance to and provides a steady rhythm.
  2. Bassline: House tracks often feature a prominent bassline that provides a driving groove.
  3. Synthesizers: Synthesizers are commonly used to create melodic hooks and atmospheric elements in house music.
  4. Vocals: Many house tracks include vocals, ranging from soulful and gospel-inspired to repetitive and minimalistic phrases.
  5. Subgenres: House music has evolved into various subgenres, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular subgenres include deep house, tech house, progressive house, and electro house.

Popular Subgenres of House Music:

  1. Deep House: Known for its mellow and soulful sound, deep house features warm basslines, jazzy chords, and smooth vocals. Artists like Larry Heard and Kerri Chandler are pioneers of this subgenre.
  2. Tech House: Tech house combines the groove of house music with the minimalism and percussive elements of techno. It often features driving beats and techy sound effects.
  3. Progressive House: Progressive house incorporates longer build-ups and melodic breakdowns, creating a sense of progression throughout the track. Artists like Sasha and John Digweed are associated with this subgenre.
  4. Electro House: Electro house features heavy basslines, aggressive synths, and a more energetic, club-oriented sound. It’s known for its use of “big drops” in tracks.
  5. Soulful House: Soulful house emphasizes soulful vocals, often with uplifting and positive lyrics. It has a warm and emotional vibe.
  6. Tropical House: Tropical house combines elements of house music with a laid-back, tropical feel. It often includes steel drums and a relaxed tempo.

House music has had a profound influence on electronic music as a whole and has given rise to countless subgenres and fusion styles. It remains a popular genre in clubs, festivals, and dance music culture worldwide. Over the years, house music has continued to evolve and adapt to new musical trends while maintaining its core elements of rhythm and groove.