House Music DJ Mix – Episode 14

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 14
House Music DJ Mix – Episode 14

01) Amber – One Touch

02) Moshun – Dancin (Original Mix)

03) Evren Ulusoy – Lost Souls

04) Platinum Monkey, D.Tarasyuk, JD Jupiter – Harmony (Original Mix)

05) Kevin Saunderson – Big Fun 2013

06) Danny Daze, Maxxi Soundsystem – Get Up (Danny Daze SpinInOut Remix)

07) The Familiar, Doc L Junior – White Poison (Doc L Junior’s Poisonous Dub)

08) Ennio – Lovaine Mae

09) Jordan O’Regan – Lov3 (Original Mix) 

10) Lissat & Voltaxx – Will You Be Gone feat. Jenniffer Kae (Saccao & Namatria Remix)

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Time: 60 Min

House music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago during the early 1980s. It has since become one of the most influential and enduring styles of electronic music worldwide. Here are some key characteristics and aspects of house music:

  1. Four-on-the-Floor Beat: House music is known for its steady and consistent “four-on-the-floor” beat, which features a kick drum on each beat, providing a solid and danceable rhythm.
  2. Soulful and Groovy: House music often incorporates elements of soul, funk, and disco, with a focus on groove and rhythm. It typically features catchy basslines, syncopated percussion, and soulful vocals.
  3. Vocal Samples: Many classic house tracks incorporate vocal samples from old soul, R&B, or gospel recordings. These samples add a sense of nostalgia and emotional depth to the music.
  4. Subgenres: House music has numerous subgenres, each with its own unique characteristics. Some of the popular subgenres include deep house, tech house, progressive house, and funky house.
  5. Repetitive and Hypnotic: House music often uses repetition to create a hypnotic and immersive experience on the dancefloor. Tracks can be quite long, with gradual build-ups and breakdowns.
  6. DJ Culture: House music is closely tied to DJ culture, where DJs mix and remix tracks to create seamless dance sets. Many DJs and producers in the house music scene have achieved iconic status.
  7. Acid House: A subgenre of house music known as “acid house” is characterized by the use of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer, which produces distinctive “acid” or squelching sounds.
  8. Global Impact: House music quickly spread from Chicago to other major cities around the world, including New York, London, and Ibiza. It has had a significant influence on electronic music as a whole.
  9. Festivals and Clubs: House music is a staple at electronic music festivals and clubs worldwide. Events like the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and clubs like Ministry of Sound in London are known for their house music lineups.
  10. Cultural Impact: Beyond the music, house culture has played a role in promoting inclusivity and acceptance, with its origins in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s known for its welcoming and diverse dancefloor environments.

Some iconic house music artists and producers include Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers), Marshall Jefferson, and newer acts like Disclosure and CamelPhat. House music continues to evolve and remains a vibrant and influential genre in the world of electronic music.