House Music DJ Mix – Episode 36

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 36
House Music DJ Mix – Episode 36

01) Delyno – Private Love (Tolga Mahmut Remix)

02) Goldroom – Embrace (Dara Remix)

03) Yass – When Doves Cry (Yass Main Mix)

04) MR V – Jus Dance (Christian Nielsen Remix)

05) Tom Novy – Funk Soul Brother (Original Mix)

06) Matt Prehn, Griffin – Fixation (Original Mix)

07) Flora Cash – The Bad Boys (Q o d ë s  Remix)

08) Kinky Movement – Get To Know

09) Kenny Thomas, BKT – Burnin’ Up (Spiritchaser Club Remix)

10) Christopher Just – I’m A Disco Dancer (John Tejada Remix)

11) Sharam Jey, Danito & Athina – All Night Long (Original Mix)

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Time: 54 Min

House music is a popular genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It is characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beat, which typically features a kick drum on each beat, and its focus on rhythm and groove. House music is known for its infectious and danceable qualities and has evolved into various subgenres over the years. Here are some key characteristics and subgenres of house music:

Characteristics of House Music:

  1. Four-on-the-Floor Beat: House music typically features a steady and unchanging beat with a kick drum on each of the four beats in a measure (hence “four-on-the-floor”). This consistent rhythm is a hallmark of the genre.
  2. Soulful and Vocal Elements: Many house tracks incorporate soulful and emotive vocals, often delivered by gospel-inspired or R&B-style singers. The vocals are an essential component of classic and vocal house subgenres.
  3. Melodic and Harmonic Elements: House music often incorporates melodic and harmonic elements, including piano chords, synthesizer melodies, and string arrangements, which add depth and emotion to the tracks.
  4. Sampling: House producers frequently sample vocals, instrumentals, and other sounds from existing recordings to create a unique and recognizable sound.
  5. Build-Ups and Drops: House tracks often feature extended build-up sections that gradually increase in intensity, leading to a climactic “drop” where the full beat and elements of the track are unleashed. This creates a sense of anticipation and release on the dancefloor.

Subgenres of House Music:

  1. Deep House: Deep house is known for its mellow and atmospheric sound. It often features slower tempos, soulful vocals, and a focus on intricate melodies and chord progressions.
  2. Tech House: Tech house combines elements of techno and house music. It has a driving and minimalistic sound with a strong emphasis on rhythm and percussion.
  3. Progressive House: Progressive house features gradually evolving melodies and builds. It is known for its epic and anthemic sound, often heard in large festival settings.
  4. Vocal House: Vocal house places a strong emphasis on soulful and powerful vocals. This subgenre is known for its emotional and uplifting qualities.
  5. Electro House: Electro house incorporates elements of electro and is characterized by energetic and aggressive basslines, often with “dirty” or distorted sounds.
  6. Funky House: Funky house draws inspiration from funk and disco music. It features groovy basslines, funky guitar riffs, and a playful vibe.
  7. Tropical House: Tropical house is known for its laid-back and summery sound. It often incorporates tropical and Caribbean-inspired elements, creating a relaxed and feel-good atmosphere.

House music has had a significant influence on the global music scene and continues to be a dominant genre in EDM. DJs and producers from around the world contribute to its evolution, and house music remains a staple at dance clubs, festivals, and parties worldwide.