House Music DJ Mix – Episode 2

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 2

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 2

01) Kant – Wait (Anton Ishutin Remix)
02) Groovenerd – Praise You (Original Mix)
03) Paul Rudder, Hurlee – Ohh Man
04) Redward, Light – Hell-Oh (Original Mix)
05) Denique – Imperceptible Movement (Original Mix)
06) Ed Ed – I Got (Something You Need) (Original Mix)
07) Alexey Lisin feat. Alexandra Pride – When the light is rum (Original Mix)
08) Toly Braun – Get Wild (Original Mix)
09) Disciples – Daylight (Original Mix)
10) Meramek – Stepping Stones (Original Mix)
11) Francesco De Argentis – My Deep Town (Original Mix)

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Time: 60 Min

House music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It is characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beat, use of synthesizers and drum machines, and a focus on rhythm and groove. House music has evolved over the years and has many subgenres, each with its unique characteristics. Here are some key features and subgenres of house music:

Key Features of House Music:

  1. 4/4 Beat: House music typically has a steady 4/4 beat, meaning there are four beats in each measure. This rhythm provides a strong foundation for dancing.
  2. Kick Drum: The kick drum (bass drum) plays a prominent role in house music, providing a thumping and driving sound.
  3. Hi-Hats: Hi-hat cymbals are often used to create a rhythmic and percussive element in house music.
  4. Synthesizers: House music features synthesizers and electronic keyboards that create melodic and harmonic elements.
  5. Vocals: Many house tracks feature vocal elements, either as sampled vocals or with live vocal performances. These vocals can add emotion and depth to the music.
  6. Sampling: House music often incorporates samples from other songs, especially in the early days of the genre. These samples are used creatively to create new musical compositions.

Subgenres of House Music:

  1. Deep House: Known for its soulful and laid-back vibe, deep house often features smooth melodies, jazzy chords, and a slower tempo. It’s associated with a more relaxed and atmospheric feel.
  2. Tech House: Tech house combines elements of techno and house, featuring a driving beat, minimalistic arrangements, and a focus on sound manipulation and effects.
  3. Progressive House: Progressive house is characterized by its long and evolving build-ups, often leading to anthemic and euphoric drops. It’s known for its epic and melodic qualities.
  4. Tropical House: Tropical house incorporates elements of Caribbean and tropical music, often featuring catchy melodies and a relaxed, beachy vibe.
  5. Electro House: Electro house has a more aggressive and energetic sound, with a strong emphasis on basslines and synths. It’s often associated with big drops and festival anthems.
  6. Soulful House: Soulful house combines house music with elements of soul and gospel, featuring emotive vocals and a focus on musicality.
  7. Chicago House: The original style that emerged in Chicago, it laid the foundation for house music as a genre and is characterized by its raw and stripped-down sound.

House music has a global following and is a staple of dance clubs, music festivals, and underground parties. It continues to evolve with new subgenres and remains a vibrant and influential genre within the electronic music landscape.