House Music DJ Mix – Episode 27

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 27
House Music DJ Mix – Episode 27

01) Ed Marquis & Axel feat. Emie – You Make Me Wanna (Original Mix)

02) Club Squisito – Gun In Your Hand (Original Mix)

03) Shiro Black – Really (Original Mix)

04) Rhemi & Tess Leah – Stepping Out (Rhemi Dub Mix)

05) Full Intention – Good Love (Original Mix)

06) Geonis & Mier – Want Your Love (Olej Remix)

07) Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, Tommie Cotton – Something About Your Love (Michele Chiavarini Remix)

08) Ludwix – You & I (Wallmers Remix)

09) Supernova – Beat Me Back (feat. Kevin Saunderson)

10) Abstract & Logic & Guy Burns – All About Love (Original Mix)

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Time: 59 Min

House music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago during the early 1980s. It is characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beat, often with a kick drum on every beat, and a focus on rhythm, groove, and basslines. House music is known for its danceable and infectious nature, making it a staple in clubs, parties, and electronic music festivals worldwide.

Here are some key features and characteristics of house music:

  1. Four-on-the-Floor Beat: House music typically features a steady and continuous beat with a kick drum on each beat (four beats per measure), hence the term “four-on-the-floor.” This beat provides a solid foundation for dancing.
  2. Groove and Rhythm: House music places a strong emphasis on rhythm and groove. Producers use a variety of percussion elements, including hi-hats, claps, and snares, to create infectious rhythms that keep the audience moving.
  3. Basslines: Memorable and driving basslines are a hallmark of house music. These basslines add depth and energy to the tracks and are often a key component of the overall groove.
  4. Vocal Samples: Many house tracks feature vocal samples, often taken from classic soul, disco, or gospel records. These samples add a human touch to the music and contribute to its soulful quality.
  5. Subgenres: House music has evolved over the years, leading to various subgenres, including deep house (known for its mellow and soulful sound), tech house (incorporating elements of techno), progressive house (with a focus on melodic and evolving structures), and more.
  6. Pioneers: Early pioneers of house music include DJs and producers like Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers), Marshall Jefferson, and Ron Hardy. Chicago and New York City played pivotal roles in the genre’s development.
  7. Global Impact: House music quickly spread beyond its Chicago roots and became a global phenomenon. It played a significant role in the evolution of electronic dance music and continues to influence contemporary EDM.
  8. Club Culture: House music has a strong association with club culture and the nightlife scene. It is often played in clubs and at dance events, providing a soundtrack for dancing and socializing.
  9. Contemporary Artists: Many contemporary artists and DJs continue to produce and perform house music, keeping the genre fresh and relevant. Notable figures include Daft Punk, Disclosure, and MK.

House music has a rich history and has undergone various stylistic shifts over the years. Its enduring popularity lies in its ability to bring people together on the dancefloor, creating a sense of unity and celebration through music.