House Music DJ Mix – Episode 11

House Music DJ Mix – Episode 11
House Music DJ Mix – Episode 11

01) Jarquin & Cano – Feel It (Original Mix)

02) Harry Romero & Joeski ft. Shawnee Taylor – Get It Right (Club Mix)

03) Prunk, Bas Roos – What I Do (Original Mix)

04) Rishi K. – Green Room (Original Mix)

05) Alex Bassosten – All I Want (Original Mix)

06) Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers (Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel Remix)

07) Galen & Shiny Objects – Purest Sound (Original Mix)

08) S. Jay, Ostertag – Lucky (Half Way Through A Henry Mix)

09) Kevin Yost – Mother B

10) DJ S.K.T ft.Rae – Take Me Away (Original Club Mix)

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Time: 60 Min

House music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It has since become one of the most influential and enduring styles of electronic music worldwide. House music is characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beat, synthesized basslines, and use of drum machines, along with soulful vocals and other electronic instrumentation. Here are some key features of house music:

  1. 4/4 Beat: House music typically features a steady 4/4 beat, which means there are four beats per measure. This beat is the foundation of the genre and provides a consistent rhythm for dancing.
  2. Kick Drum: The kick drum in house music is prominent and often serves as the driving force of the track. It provides a thumping and infectious bassline that gets people moving on the dancefloor.
  3. Synthesized Basslines: House tracks often include synthesized basslines that add depth and groove to the music. These basslines are typically created using synthesizers and give house music its signature sound.
  4. Soulful and Vocals: Many house tracks feature soulful and sometimes gospel-inspired vocals. These vocals can convey emotion and add a human element to the music, making it more relatable to listeners.
  5. Sampling: House music frequently incorporates samples from older songs, including disco and funk tracks. These samples are manipulated and reworked to create a fresh and unique sound.
  6. Variety of Subgenres: House music has evolved over the years, giving rise to various subgenres such as deep house, tech house, progressive house, and more. Each subgenre has its own distinct characteristics and influences.
  7. Club and Dancefloor Focus: House music is designed for the club and dancefloor experience. It is meant to be played in clubs, at parties, and at electronic music festivals.
  8. Influential DJs and Producers: House music has been shaped by influential DJs and producers like Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Carl Cox, and Derrick Carter. These artists have played a significant role in shaping the genre.
  9. Global Popularity: House music has a global fanbase and has had a significant impact on popular music worldwide. It has influenced other electronic music genres and even crossed over into mainstream pop music.
  10. Timeless Appeal: Many classic house tracks from the 1980s and 1990s are still beloved by audiences today. House music continues to evolve while retaining its timeless appeal.

House music has a rich history and remains a vibrant and dynamic genre within the electronic music scene. Its ability to bring people together on the dancefloor and create a sense of unity and celebration has contributed to its enduring popularity.