Lap Dance Guide

Lap Dance: The Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Exotic Dancer (The Ultimate Exotic Dancer Package Book 4)
by Josh Law

This is the most comprehensive and NEWEST ebook to date on the subject of exotic dancing. This takes you from absolute beginner to the most advanced selling techniques an entertainer can employ in the Gentlemen’s Club.
Here is the table of contents for a brief description of what you will find in this unmatched informational guide.

Section 1 Stripping 101
1. Starting out in Exotic Dancing
2. Understanding the Strip Club
3. Customers
4. Toxic People at Work
5. Time Management and Maximization
6. Protecting Your Money at work and home
7. Social Code of Exotic Dancers
8. Drinking and Drugs
9. Contagious Diseases in the Club
10. Your Life Outside of Dancing
Section 2 Building the Perfect Stripper
1. Integrity
2. Building Self-Confidence
3. What Customers Find Attractive
4. 8 Reasons Why Customers Choose Certain Dancers
5. How to Handle Customers that Ask for Your Number
6. The Early Bird – Being to Work on Time Makes Money
7. Branding
8. Dealing with Female Customers
9. Zen and Living in the Now
Section 3 Attracting Customers
1. How to Work the Floor to Maximize Your Earnings
2. Pumping up Individual Sales
3. How to Use Twitter to Update Customers
4. You are Worth More then What the Dance Costs
5. Body Language and Seduction
6. How to Approach the Customer
7. Developing Regulars
8. Reducing Stress – Before, During, and After Work Part 1
9. Reducing Stress – Before, During, and After Work Part 2
Section 4 Personality Based Selling Technique
1. Introduction to Personality Based Selling
2. Personality Based Selling – The Basics
3. Extroversion and Personality Based Selling
4. Introversion and Personality Based Selling
5. Sensing and Intuition Type Customers
6. Thinking and Feeling Type Customers
7. How the Four Functions Fit Together
8. The Sensing Thinking (ST) Type Customer
9. The Sensing Feeling (SF) Type Customer
10. The Intuition Thinking (NT) Type Customer
11. The Intuition Feeling (NF) Type Customer
12. Your Personality Explained
Section 5 Polishing the Brass Pole
1. Tips on How to Remember Customers Names
2. Self-Confidence Redux
3. The Ideal Gentlemen’s Club to Work At
Section 6 Last Call

Thank you from Josh and Chandra.