Guide to Stripping

The Nerdy Girl’s Guide to Stripping: A 10-Step Guide for Stripping Your Way to Success
by Karma Carson

“Very informative and well put-together, even from a veteran perspective. I am glad to see a book that actually explains the ‘hows’ of dancing instead of just being a memoir tell-all.” — Ania Śniegowska, veteran stripper

“A truly step-by-step guide to dancing as a business and not falling into the trap so many dancers do. Your guide could save women years of hassle and heartbreak and maybe even their lives.”— ThatGuyPhD, author of The Adventures Of An Unlikely Gigolo.

Part self-help book, part how-to guide and part sales training manual, The Nerdy Girl’s Guide to Stripping is a 10-step handbook for achieving success as a stripper, whether that means graduating from college debt-free, launching a small business or staying home to raise your kids. It has practical, hands-on advice that will benefit you whether you’re a seasoned stripper or an aspiring dancer who has never set foot in a club. Written by a former dancer, this handbook walks women through the process and pitfalls of the dancing life, with an eye toward maximizing earnings

In this book, you’ll learn…
*How to make big bucks stripping while pursuing your dreams and goals
*How to set a goal and use it as a driving factor for your strip club earnings
*The four types of strip clubs and which one is right for you
*What to wear to your audition
*The secret trick that makes you look confident on stage
*What happens during a typical shift
*The one thing you must do after every shift
*The sneaky sales tactics every top girl knows
*Examples of effective, rapport-building conversation starters
*A step-by-step guide to selling champagne rooms
*The best books and resources for increasing your earnings
*How to upsell during the lap dance
*How to save on taxes
*How to build a professional resume while stripping
*How to stay healthy, physically and mentally
*How to leverage your dancing career for a successful and rewarding future