Line Dance Essentials

A must have guide to Line Dancing
by Peter Heath

This book describes the terminology, dancing and teaching techniques used for modern line dancing. It describes the skills and competencies required for participants in all facets of the line dance industry, from dancer and instructor, through to choreographer, event coordinator, DJ and stage performer.

For anyone writing up a line dance dance sheet, this book should be essential reading. Way too many dance sheets do not consider the consumers of the dance sheet and are far too brief and ambiguous. The information in this book will assist in producing a much clearer sheet, enabling the dance to be more likely to be understood and adopted.

I have attempted to capture what works for me and my organisation over the past quarter century. I have proposed a lot of things that work for us, that are likely to be very different from what others are doing. If this book makes people think about what they are doing, and commences a standardisation process across the world, then I will have achieved my major goal.