Shall We Dance

A Guide to Happiness
by Troy Wehmeyer and Erik Cooper

Shall We Dance? is a blue print to your happiness – a detailed and reliable plan for achieving peace, contentment and satisfaction every day. This is what we call happiness! Our “Timeless Twenty Toolkit”© is packed with the tools you need to become aware of the value and power of your intention, motivation and focus to successfully navigate your life obstacles. You will learn to identify character strengths such as accountability, humility and humor and gauge how present or lacking they are in your relationships. We offer tips, techniques and journal exercises that will challenge you to expand your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective for a healthy life.

The ideas and principles in the “Timeless Twenty Toolkit”© have been tested and applied over the past 30 years in our professions as a marriage and family therapist and as a sales executive, as well as in our personal lives. These principles work all of the time in all of our relationships!

We invite you to dance with us! It is our heartfelt and sincere intention to inspire you to see yourself as an equal partner with the variety of people who cross your path. We want the concept of the Timeless Twenty Toolkit© to ripple through your life and create change! We live these tools and want you to feel that same passion as well!