Quick Weight Loss

Except the sun and the moon, everybody seems to be in a hurry!

We can predict by mathematical calculations the time of sunset after 1000 years and the time of moonrise on the same day. Through calculations, we can predict it today! The natural forces are not in a hurry! Everything is unfolding as it should! In a set pattern! Nature evolves with a method and it is in not in a hurry to prove and disprove anything!

You don’t learn something from nature, though you are a part of the nature! When you disobeyed the laws of nature and went on an eating spree, you never thought of the consequences—that your body will grow and expand like a Bo-tree one day. Now you want a fast/ quick weight loss program!

Better late than never! You have woken up at the right time! Can you ever achieve by weight loss that picture-perfect figure, that was you 20 years ago? fYour goal is achievable, provided you make certain firm decisions!

A morning-walk schedule is best to start with! On the first day, you may feel tired! On the second day, you may feel extremely tired! On the third day, you are bound to have joint pains! On the fourth day, your weak will power, may advise you—okay, please skip today’s schedule -sleep for another two hours! And you have ignored this advice and had a pleasant walk- your will power is gaining ground and stabilizing!

When you are walking alone, thus, you know that you are walking. There is another type of walk, one in which you do not know that you are walking, and yet is a double-benefit scheme! Your ever faithful dog! Dog ownership nearly doubles the amount of time you spend in your walks!

By now, you must have shed some grams of your weight, if not some kilograms! Well done! You can think about the realms of higher adventures now! Read and understand the texts like Ashtanga Yoga and Bikram Yoga. The procedure is foolproof ! Ashtanga Yoga was authored by a realized soul and hence, undoubtedly faultless!

Our eating menu need not be that extensive and contain matchless spices! Just go back to your own history—human history! Life at the earlier stages was not all that complicated! How did our ancestors cook before the advent of fire? Look at the animals -they eat raw, that which is available in nature and according to their own nature! Only man has taken to the habit of cooking! Do animals have these many diseases and so many hospitals? Therefore the cases of obesity among birds and animals are rare!

Man, discover yourself! Ponder deeply! Fast and quick weight loss is a possibility within your range!