Negative Calorie Foods

Did you know that there are some foods, which require more energy to
metabolize than we obtain from eating them? This result is usually
referred to as the negative calorie effect. A simple example is water.
It supplies zero calories, but requires energy to swallow and warm to
body temperature.

Below is a list of other foods, which although they provide calories, the
amount is less than we need to do nothing. We call this Basal Metabolic
Rate..(BMR). That’s the amount of energy we need to breathe, circulate
the blood, remove the toxins and filter it. That doesn’t count the energy
we need to get out of bed, bathe, use the toilet and dress. We call these
foods negative calorie foods, (N.C.Fs.).

These must be a tremendous boost for someone wanting to lose weight.
Yes, but only if used properly. Healthy diet plans use items from all the
main food groups. From these, we get the nutrients to make the
building blocks, which are necessary to maintain the body in a healthy
state. A diet consisting of N.C.Fs., would result in us drawing our energy
requirements from our muscles. This results in weakness and wasting of
the body. Anorexics are a prime example.

So how can we use N.C.Fs. without harming ourselves?

The answer is quite simple. Use them as part of, and to bulk up a
balanced calorie-wise diet. For example, 1/2 grapefruit(vitamin C, fibre)
1 egg-white (protein) 2 slices melba toast (carbohydrate) pat of margarine
(non-saturated fat) 1 cup of 1% milk (protein, carbohydrate, low-fat,
calcium, vitamins) makes an excellent low calorie but nutritious breakfast.

Here is the list.

* Apples
* Asparagus
* Beets
* Blueberries
* Broccoli
* Cantaloupes
* Carrot
* Cauliflower
* Celery stalk
* Celery root
* Cranberries
* Cucumbers
* Eggplant
* Endives
* Garden cress
* Garlic
* Grapefruit
* Green beans
* Green cabbage
* Lamb’s lettuce
* Lemons
* Lettuce
* Onions
* Papayas
* Pineapples
* Prunes
* Radishes
* Raspberries
* Spinach
* Strawberries
* Tangerines
* Tomatoes
* Turnips
* Zucchini

Use it wisely, and good health.