How To Find Affordable Health Insurance In Washington

Although many people are covered under an employer’s health insurance plan, if their employment situation changes, they may find themselves in the market for an individual health care plan. For someone in Washington State who has never had to face this task, it can feel daunting. There is help in the form of the Office of the Insurance Commission. They are available to answer any general questions individuals may have. Beyond that, the business of searching for and securing health insurance is left up to the individual.

With all the available plans and types of coverage, trying to find something that is adequate as well as affordable can be challenging. Knowing what you need to be looking for is incredibly helpful:

• Purchasing a plan that only provides coverage for hospital stays or surgical visits will dramatically lower your premiums. This approach is only workable if you can afford the out-of-pocket expenses that come with visiting your doctor or buying a prescription.

• In the same vein you can take out a plan that dictates that you will pay for part of a hospital stay. This will help lower the premiums for your health insurance plan.

• Use a health insurance broker. A broker has the insight needed to find the very best deal on health insurance rates. They do all the work for you and present you with several quotes so you can make a final decision.

• If you’ve already had children and don’t plan on having anymore, look for a plan that doesn’t include obstetrician coverage.

Another great idea that many people aren’t aware of or just don’t utilize is using different insurers for different aspects of their health insurance needs. You don’t have to go with one insurance company for all your needs. You can mix and match your coverage between insurers to get the best deal possible.