How Successful Is Alternative Health Therapy

More and more alternative health treatments are available these days, however how successful are they in solving our health problems. In this article I write about this subject, I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable to read.

A few years ago my girlfriend was having some trouble with her health, she complained of constant aches in various areas of her body. She felt lethargic and generally low. She went to the doctor and tried conventional treatments and tablets. This unfortunately did not remedy the situation and she became more and more frustrated.

A friend recommended reflexology and despite many reservations and doubts my girlfriend agreed to give it a go. She returned from her appointment full of excitement and stated that she had never felt more relaxed. Now this is not to say that reflexology will work for everyone but her experience was very positive.

With this positive outcome my girlfriend became more open to alternative therapy and then decided to attend an aromatherapy appointment. She really enjoyed it and is now looking into other treatments such as reiki and things like an indian head massage, she is becoming hooked.

As for my own experiences, I am somebody who had a speech impediment known as a stutter from the age of four. My parents regularly took me to traditional speech therapy over the next eleven years. The advice from what I remember was two fold, firstly they advised me to take a deep breath before talking and secondly to speak slower. I had no confidence with these therapists as a lot of my friends spoke quicker than I did and not one of them took a deep breath before they spoke. They also had never had a stutter themselves and therefore I felt it was impossible for them to understand what I was going through.

After working very hard for nearly year I managed to overcome my stutter. I did this by reading many books to do with positive thinking and mind over a matter as well as studying people who I thought were very good at talking. This was my own form of alternative therapy and it worked for me.