Herbal Stress Management Rule

The very concept of herbal stress management, reveals one fact – inevitability. Well, come back to Nature! Man, you have no other alternative!

Many individuals and institutions have taken up to the herbal path for stress management, with remarkable success.

Well, there is none without stress today! But the management of stress skills may be different.

A major avalanche starts with minor disturbances! Similarly a minor symptom, which you are likely to ignore, might be the cause of a major stress in the offing! Be vigilant and act well in time. Prolonged stress is nothing but a serious disease. A person with stress cannot give his best output in any area of activity. You could not derive joy in your day-to-day activities. You would not feel like participating in social activities and functions. You may take to smoking, drinking and even drugs in your efforts to get over stress, but in reality you know well that the remedy is worst than the disease.

A fit, healthy body and a cheerful mind are the assets of an individual. The positive qualities of life come to the forefront again. Try to know and practice correctly the time-tested relaxation techniques: breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, sincere prayers, listen or practice music, read a good novel, participate in a social or spiritual program, talk to the people with whom you enjoy talking, view a humorous TV episode, and the list can go on and on…Nature has created many avenues to enable you top manage the stress in the most natural way-the herbal way!

My dear sir, when was it that you had a laughter session? Did it cost anything? Laugh, to your heart’s content! Laugh without any reason! You will feel your nerves giving up tension.

Are you disciplined? Do you have a fixed time in going to bed and getting up? These are not unimportant matters. Whose cause you are serving by watching the late night movies and going to bed at 1:00 PM. Your family doctor’s?

Remember the golden rule: Regular exercise and healthy diet! And if you don’t follow the rules, please do not brag that you have undergone a herbal stress management course. Yours is only verbal stress management!