Health Savings Account

HSA is designed and introduced to reduce the health care cost for both employers and employees. Health savings account (HSA) is tax privileged savings plans offered to taxpayers in the United States to deposit money to cover current and future medical expenses.HSA provides tax-free savings account for medical expenses and introduced to reduce the current healthcare costs.

HSA is passed by congress in the year 2003, which is a tax-free savings account. It covers both individual and group health insurance. These savings are utilized for normal and customary expenses, like routine health checkups, doctor’s visits, and etc.In addition to the tax free savings HSA are more portable. Since you are not coupled with any particular medical group or doctors, you can pick yours.

Health Savings Account offers a new feasible alternative to Medical Savings Account (MSA).HSAs can be used with health plans with decreased minimum deductibles. HSA can be used with minimum deductibles. HSA and MSA vary in several ways. Notable variation is HSA are offered by employers of all size whereas the MSAs are limited to employers who employed 50 or fewer people.

Both employers and employees are benefited through Health Savings Account (HSA), but the deposit should not exceed the limit, proposed by Federal law .Employers can discriminate between full-time and part time employees, and/or family and single coverage.

HSA are analogous to IRAs, you can get same benefit as with IRA’s.In the HSA there is no age restriction and qualified medical expenses are never taxed. But in the IRAs money may be taken out without penalty at age 65.At the same time penalty for non-medical withdrawal before age 65 are usually severe.

Benefits: The HSA plans are blend with a high-deductible plan. It provides tax free medical expense. It facilitates employees become better health care consumers. The accumulated savings are owned by the individual and can move from employer to employer. There will be free of tax for the employers’ contribution.