Health Resort Spas of Asia

Today’s life is fast paced, hectic and very competitive making people to crave for leisure time. The leisure time away from the busy schedule is treated as an eternal time and health resort spas offer such heavenly leisure pursuit. Resort in general is a place for relaxation and recreation. The main activities of such resorts include indulging oneself with great drink, food, sports activities, lodging, shopping and entertainment. Resorts can be one of the either, one like the town which itself is a place for tourism and holidaying where most of the local activities take place, generally not run by one company, or it can be a vacation centre which is run by one company providing all the needs and wants of the vacationers during their stay. Spas are places which are believed to provide health to the people through soaking in water. The water used is a mineral water or water drawn from hot springs. Some may even include cold water for treatments. Among different spa types available like the holiday spas, destination or resort spas and trim spas – specific for weight loss regime, the health resort spas use thermal bath or balneotherapy or hydrotherapy for giving health benefits to the users.

Health resort spas are closely associated with tourism and travel. They are very popular, as business tours often involve making the much required deals while doing it completely at leisure. This is the main reason for the transition of hotels, resorts and spas into health resort spas.

Health resort spas of Asia are very famous. They are attracting people from all over the world who come for beauty and health solutions. Asian health resort spas adopt the healing wisdom of spiritual gurus and spa experts, a haven or organic and natural way of living. Some of the health resort spas are located in a tranquil, serene environment pampering the clients with a variety of massages, body treatments, health related therapies and making the experience an unforgettable one for most of them.

Treatments offered by health resort spas of Asia:

Health resort spas of Asia use some of the ancient holistic and spiritual healing treatments like the yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda which are meant for restoring inner calm, improving memory, balancing emotions, refreshing the body, enhancing skin complexion by exfoliation, cleaning and toning, reducing weight while strengthening the muscles and bones etc. The very famous cranial therapy is used to balance the circulation of the liquid around the brain releasing any accumulated stress by applying gentle movements on the vertebrae and skull. They also use ingredients which are available in the kitchen for natural facemasks like the papaya mask, honey mask, healing herbs, sea salt face scrub etc. Aroma therapy massage offered in these health resort spas blends essential oils to rejuvenate and relax the body. Some of the latest treatments include traditional Chinese medication, gem therapy, crystal therapy and light, color and sound filtered through the body in a steam room, using flower essences etc. They aim in revitalizing the mind, soul and the body through the above processes.