Health Insurance In South Carolina

Health insurance is probably one of the most difficult forms of insurance for the average person to afford each month – and yet without health insurance your home and all of your assets are at risk should you have a major accident or illness.

This is why is it so important for the average person to compare low cost health insurance in South Carolina and find a policy that they can afford to pay for month after month.

Ultimately you will be getting online and comparing health insurance prices on several of the websites that make such comparisons a snap. But before you do that you want to know how to answer the questions these sites will ask you in such a way that you will save the most money possible. That’s what this article will help you to do.

Let’s start with two of the most difficult things for most people to do. Quitting smoking and losing weight.

It’s simply a fact: if you smoke or use chew you will pay more for your health insurance. It’s also true that if you smoked when you previously purchased a policy but you have since quit, you will be entitled to a rather substantial decrease in your monthly health insurance premium.

It’s also simply a fact that overweight people pay more for health insurance. Part of your monthly premium will be based on your BMI – your Body Mass Index. There is some good news. If you can lose even a few pounds it’s possible that you could drop down a notch on the insurance company’s BMI chart – and if you do that you could save a few dollars each and every month.

Believe it or not you can save money on your health insurance if you have a good credit rating. That’s right. Use credit cards and other forms of credit wisely if you want the best rates on your health insurance.

Do not routinely take part in extreme or dangerous sports or hobbies.

Don’t drive a fast and sporty car.

Group health insurance is always cheaper than individual health insurance. If your place of employment does not offer group health insurance then ask around at any clubs, organizations or groups you belong to. A surprising number of clubs and organizations are offering their members group health insurance these days.

If family, friends, or neighbors are getting group health through a club or group they belong to, see if you can join.

Even many religious organizations are offering group health now. Ask around.

If you have a home-based business you may be able to qualify for group health insurance even if you have only one employee – and even if that employee is your spouse.

Even if your home-based business does not qualify you for group rates ask your tax advisor if your health insurance premiums will be deductible. If they are, the tax savings you get may offset the cost of your insurance to the point that your insurance will become affordable.

What about your co-payment? If you can afford to increase your co-payment to 50% you will save a great deal on your monthly premium. This is an especially good idea for people who do not see their doctor on a regular basis.

Increasing your deductible is probably the fastest and most sure way of decreasing your cost of health insurance. But be careful – and honest – with yourself, because you are going to have to come up with your deductible in cash every year before your insurance company will begin paying for any of your health care. So don’t offer to pay more than you can actually afford to pay.

Now it’s time to get online. Use the tips you have gotten from this article to fill out the form on at least 3 different health insurance price comparison websites. Remember to fill out all three forms exactly the same so that you are comparing the same policy on all three sites.

The rest is easy. All you need to do is to choose the cheapest rate for your health insurance and you’re done! You have now compared low cost health insurance in South Carolina and you have found the very best deal you could possibly find. Congratulations!