Health Insurance In Connecticut

Connecticut residents need to keep a few things in mind when they are comparing their low cost health plans. It’s best to pick a plan that will fit your lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider:

1.Alternative care: If you find that you infrequently go to a medical doctor and prefer to go to an acupuncturist or a chiropractor, make sure you select the plan that will accommodate your wishes. Many plans will only allow a few visits to alternative care practitioners. Let’s face it, your practitioner knows which insurance companies are the most receptive to alternative care. Make sure you get advice from your practitioner as to which companies to select from

2.Keeping the same doctors: Do you have special medical needs that are treated by a doctor that you’ve developed a relationship with? It takes years to build a doctor patient trusting relationship. If you value your relationship with your doctor, you should obtain a listing of insurance plans that your doctor accepts. Those companies are the ones you should use when shopping for low cost health insurance

3.Out of Pocket Expenses: Can you handle large co-pays and high deductibles? Usually the lower your co-pay, the higher your premium and visa versa. Determine how much you can afford to pay out of pocket.

4.Pre-Existing conditions: If you are currently being treated for a particular illness or condition, you might have to continue with your current insurance company. Many insurance companies will not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.

5.Children: If you don’t have children and are not planning to have any, then coverages like pediatric care and pre-natal care is not of a concern. However, if you have children or are thinking of having children, check with your pediatrician as to which insurance companies he/she accepts.

6.Shop Around: The key to getting the best possible price on health insurance is to get alternative quotes and compare.