Health Insurance In Connecticut

If you’re a Connecticut resident looking to find the best rates on Health Insurance, there are many options to take advantage of. Most probably the best rates are afforded to employers with a large employee base. However, if you are recently unemployed, self-employed or have been without employment beyond for more than 18 months, there are health insurance options for you too.

Here are a few options:

1.Recently unemployed: If you were recently laid off from your job, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) will allow you to continue the coverages offered by your company sponsored health insurance plan if you are willing to continue paying the monthly premiums. Realize, however, your employer is no longer responsible for paying their portion of your premiums, so expect to pay more for the same coverage. COBRA coverage lasts for approximately 18 months.

2.Unemployed beyond COBRA: Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut (HRA) provides options for people who have exhausted their COBRA benefits. HRA is a non-profit association of insurance companies and HMO’s who provide health insurance coverage in Connecticut. They offer three types of insurance plans (Portability Plan) for individuals. You can chose from an HMO, PPO or SHCP plan.

To qualify any of the three plans you must be less than 65 years of age and have had coverage for at least 18 months. You must, however, apply for coverage prior to the expiration any insurance coverage you currently have. Depending on which plan you choose, other qualifications may apply.

3.Self-Employed: Before soliciting health insurance if you are self-employed, contact the Connecticut State Insurance Department. They have a listing of several insurance companies that are willing to insure the self employed.

In addition to the suggestions above, if you are a member of a group association, you might be able to obtain health insurance coverage through that association. Always shop around for more than one quote before making a decision.