Health Insurance In Alabama

I’m sure you’re aware that there is a national debate going on about how to make health insurance more affordable here in Alabama as well as elsewhere in the country. Unfortunately that same debate has been going on for decades, and until there is some relief on a national scale it is up to each of us individually to do whatever we can to get affordable health insurance in Alabama.

Alabama is a leader in the country when it comes to certain types of state-sponsored low-cost health insurance for kids, teens, college students, pregnant women and other groups. You may be surprised what’s available and what you or members of your family may qualify for.

For the rest of us the search for affordable health insurance in Alabama goes on. Fortunately there actually are several steps the average person can take to keep the cost of health care insurance affordable.

If your employer doesn’t offer group health insurance that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck for getting a group rate. Make of list of all the clubs, groups or associations that you belong to. A surprising number offer group health insurance to their members. Ask your friends if they belong to any groups or clubs or organizations that offer members group health insurance. Join whatever group you need to in order to get affordable health insurance.

Even some churches offer group health insurance. Ask around.

If you run a home-based business, even if your only employee is your spouse, ask your insurance agent if there is any way you can qualify for a group health plan.

If you smoke or use chew or any other tobacco product, you need to stop if you’re serious about finding affordable health insurance. Tobacco users pay more for health insurance -period.

Unfortunately the same is true about weight. People who are overweight pay more for health insurance. However, the good news is that losing even just a few pounds could put you in a lower weight category and save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Don’t participate in dangerous or extreme sports and don’t drive a fast sports car if you want the best rates on your health insurance.

Can you afford to increase your co-payment? Many people have a co-payment – that is, cash they pay to the doctor’s office each time they make a visit – of 20% to 25%. If you can afford to increase your co-pay to 50% it will save you considerably on your monthly premium. This is an especially good idea for people who do not see their doctor on a regular basis.

How much of a deductible can you afford? Again, you should consider the answer to this question carefully and weigh your decision because the amount you choose represents cash you will have to come up with each year to pay for your own medical treatment before your insurance company will even begin to kick in.

The more you can afford to pay as your deductible the less you will be asked to pay each month in premiums.

Now find at least 3 of the websites that permit you to compare prices for health insurance from different insurance companies here in Alabama. Make sure that you fill out the form the same way at all three websites so that your comparisons are valid, and then simply choose the company with the lowest price.

That’s all there is to it. You have now found the most affordable health insurance in Alabama and you can rest easy knowing that you will be saving as much money as possible each month while still getting the medical protection that you and your family need.