Health Insurance For Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner and you need to purchase health insurance, you may be surprised by how much a policy covering just you can cost. If you need to find a plan that also covers your family, the cost may be even higher. Because of rising health insurance premiums, restrictions about how much coverage you can receive due to pre-existing conditions, and other rules, many small business owners are unable to afford basic health insurance. If you have a small business that employs a few people, you may not be able to offer health insurance coverage because the premiums are too high.

You have a few options, however, when it comes to health insurance coverage. There are smaller companies that offer plans with higher deductibles or those that cover hospital stay and other emergency care, but do not cover routine check-ups and other appointments. Some plans cover these doctor visits, but require you to pay a higher copay. Even though these plans are not the best, they may be enough to provide you with adequate coverage until you begin earning more money or if your business grows.

If you have employees and want to offer them health insurance, you can sign up for a plan that offers flex options. You pay a smaller premium and each employee receives a certain amount of money each year to cover basic medical needs. Flex plans are also offered to employees who work for larger companies as a way to supplement existing health plans. Employees will still have to pay a copay and pay for major medical emergencies, but other costs will be lower.

Paying for health insurance can be a burden if you are just starting your business. If you have a spouse with an insurance plan you can be added to it. This is a good idea that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Other options when looking for health insurance include joining local community organizations, academic organizations, or alumni organizations. Many times these organizations may be able to offer limited coverage for at least six months. This can help you establish your business and find adequate healthcare coverage in the meantime.

Once your business is generating a profit, you should find out more about health insurance, especially if you aren’t currently covered. Because health issues can occur at any time, you need to be prepared. Having surgery after an accident or illness can cause you to lose your business. Medical costs can take their toll as well. Finding affordable health insurance is possible if you look at smaller agencies and local groups who can provide you with more information or less coverage for the time being.