Gentleman’s Guide by Rachel Zake

Pants Off / Dance Off: A Gentleman’s Guide
by Rachel Zake

Sick of sitting alone on Saturday night? Not sure what you’re doing wrong? Think your friends are well-meaning but have absolutely no clue how to help you? (Or conversely, are you sick of advising that one friend on how to succeed?) Pants Off/Dance Off: A Gentleman’s Guide is here to help you overcome all of these seemingly insurmountable problems (and potentially get those pants off, but you know, in a gentlemanly way). Written from the female perspective, this is a guide meant to amuse, assist and ultimately allow you to see inside the world of women, a perspective you may not have had otherwise. Read of others’ failings, learn how to do it better, and gain insight on how to create the best online dating profile in this quick read broken up by short stories of bad dates incurred and retold for your perusal!