Fit Into A Healthy Financial Future

If you want a healthy financial future and you are struggling with debt, you may need to consolidate bills. Multiple credit card and loan repayments every month can eat up an awful lot of income and serve no positive purpose. When you consolidate bills in one loan at a lower interest rate, you can free up some extra money for spending, saving or paying down debt. It’s like getting a very helpful pay increase without having to pay taxes on it.

Many people are increasingly finding themselves in the onerous and frightening position of borrowing from one credit card to pay another. No doubt they hope it’s only temporary, but if they are juggling high credit card payments and other loans every month, they may well be trapped unless they can consolidate bills.

If you can consolidate bills into one single loan at a significantly lower interest rate than you are charged on your credit cards and other debts, you will be able to lower your loan costs as well as having the convenience of only making one payment. The effect of this will be to increase your disposable monthly income, allowing you to save, invest, pay off your debt more quickly or simply purchase much needed items. Ideally, since the goal is to create a healthy financial future, getting out of debt and saving for the future will be priorities.

There are a number of different loans you can use to consolidate bills. A home equity loan is probably the best way to do this if you are a homeowner with adequate equity in your home. It usually offers a lower interest rate than other types of loan. It is what used to be known as a second mortgage. The risk attached to this loan is that if you miss a payment, you risk losing your house. Nevertheless, if your total monthly payments are reduced, this would probably be a low risk.

Probably the most popular strategy to consolidate bills is to take out a personal loan. These loans tend to be unsecured, which means you do not need to have collateral to obtain the loan. Personal loans tend to have lower interest rates than other consumer loans and fixed terms so you definitely can see the end of the debt.

Under some circumstances, using low rate credit cards or home equity lines of credit can also be appropriate strategies to consolidate bills. However, if the goal is to create a healthy financial future that is free of debt, these options are too flexible to guarantee that. If the opportunity to increase debt exists, under pressure, most of us will take it.

If you think that the answer to your financial difficulties could well be to consolidate bills, it’s worth taking the time to get good, unbiased professional advice. Your decision to consolidate bills can set you on the road to financial recovery and allow you to move towards a healthy financial future.