Espresso Google and Proactol

It was one of those days when I got up in the morning and had no willing to do my ordinary stuff. So on my way to work, I came into the bistro in the corner of the street to drink espresso.
I was reading newspaper, when Josh, my friend from school, came in. When he saw me, he took a cup of coffee and approached to me. I was surprised to see him drinking coffee without a cake. After a few minutes of small talk I knew the reason…
It started a month ago. Josh’s wedding with Mandy, his girlfriend for the last 5 years, is getting closer and Mandy wants perfect wedding or close to that (very reasonable, right? :- ) and she started some special bride’s diet that she found on Google search and lost 8 pounds already. Now she wants that Josh will do the same for the wedding. Josh is 6”3 height really good looking guy but weights about 250 pounds.
So he’s a “little” overweight, so what, and its not only his fault: he is working hard, 12-14 hours day as taxi driver, trying to make some savings. He’s doing well but his weight is rising each week. After his last checkup the doctor asked him to do something about it. From a little overweight he became obised: cholesterol level increased and blood pressure too, level of triglycerides and urine raised beyond the upper limit.
So, Mandy demand that Josh will change his lifestyle and start taking care for his health or else he can forget about the wedding. Now, he was trapped: from one side wedding and from the other – his health. Mandy really loves him, there are no doubts about it. So, my friend Josh is drinking just coffee, no cake, no sweets and even started eating healthy food. Every morning he takes sandwiches made by Mandy and dinner they are having together at home with healthy food and all calorie registration. He succeeded losing 17 ponds in 3 weeks and all that without changing his work or doing any special fitness or exercises.
On my question how exactly did he managed so well, he left – Nothing special, just taking new weight loss pills that Mandy ordered for him online. She did research of her own before she ordered them for Josh. Proactol is a brand new, non prescription pills for heavy overweight and obised individuals, and is available only online.
When I’ve arrived to the office I checked about those wonder pills and was really surprised with quality info I’ve found: reviews, medical backup, clinical research results, testimonials… It’s a real good surprise to find weight loss pills which by doctors is defined as ”Medical Device Product”.
What can I say: Impressive, really Impressive!
Meantime Josh and Mandy’s wedding was two weeks ago and when I saw Josh he looked so well: he lost 32 pounds in 7 weeks. I have to admit that Mandy looked great too and I believe that she got the whole package: Josh lost his excessive pounds, medical tests show improvement that even his doctor was surprised, they had beautiful wedding and now both of them feel great and look great too and all that thanks to Mandy (internet freak) and Google.