Diet Pills Are Just a Placebo

With today’s corporate marketing firms, specialized nutrition companies are really selling the powerful weight loss elements that their newest product contains. But what is true and what is false? And does there really exist a magical weight loss pill. The answer may surprise you.

For the past 10 years or so, I’ve taken all sorts of diet pills and “systems” to help with my own weight loss. What I’ve come to determine is that yes, some pills were work BETTER with your body structure than other pills. For me, personally, my body reacted quite well to a combination of ephedra, synephrine, and caffeine. Sometimes I would add aspirin to the mix as well so as to thin my blood out so that the effects of the pills would become more apparent, faster.

But before the ephedra rage, other diet pills also worked. For the most part I attributed it to the caffeine contained in the pills. I’m not a coffee drinker, so my body more readily was affected by the sudden boost in thermogenics. But, I really did well with the pills when I used them in combination with exercise and proper eating.

No, I don’t mean ordering LESS when you eat out, but changing the way you look at eating. Let’s face it, just because we order a diet coke doesn’t mean we’re eating better. Drinking water is eating better (well, drinking that is). By forcing your body to adapt to new eating patterns, increasing your cardiovascular activites, AND supplementing with some kind of thermogenic pill, you could definitely benefit from all of them combined.

It’s like the team concept. Sure, you could have a star quarterback, but he needs someone to throw too..the receiver! And who tells the quarterback which plays to call? The coach! By themselves, sure they’re good at what they do, but all together they’re awesome. Just something to think about in the grand scheme of being healthy.