Dangers Of Diet Patches

Do not be fooled by glitzy infomercials and attractive ads saying that diet patches can effectively bump, block and flush fat from your body’s system in as little as three days. There is no such thing as instant weight loss, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any diet patch for weight loss.

Diet patches are particularly tricky. The manufacturers claim that they can suppress appetite and control metabolism when they are worn on the skin – a farfetched, if not ludicrous theory altogether. So ineffective and unsafe are diet patches that the FDA has already seized millions of these products from manufacturers and promoters.

Most diet patches claim to have no side effects because the chemicals used are all herbal. The FDA has banned more than a hundred ingredients once found in over-the-counter diet products – and some diet patches may very well still contain them. Even if claims that diet patches use only natural herbal medicines, the question stills remains – do these herbal medicines work? There have been no clinical studies that have proven they do. Manufacturers could simply be stealing people’s. This is why the Federal Trade Commission and some state attorney generals are continuously filing cases against marketers of diet pills claiming to absorb or help burn fat instantly.

The most dependable program for losing weight will always involve hard work – regular physical exercise, a healthy food intake, and a good night’s sleep. You can do these simple tricks without endangering your health or spending too much. Find an honest-to-goodness exercise and diet program and religiously follow it. Don’t be impatient – it will usually take at least a month for results to show. Diet patches would simply rob you of your hard earned cash without yielding any satisfactory results. Diet patches are already being and considered by the government as ‘bogus.’ Keep your and treat yourself to a healthy salad instead – you get to eat out, keep your weight down, and protect your health.