Cure for Obesity

In 1959, the English Dr. A.T.W. Simeons founded the cure for obesity by discovering that with the administration of hCG stored body fat actually recirculates and becomes available to burn without suffering from hunger or even having to exercise!The name of this miracle break-through treatment is most commonly referred to as the “Protocol” and is brought to light in Kevin Trudeau’s New York Times Bestseller, “The Weight Loss Cure”.  The Weight-Loss Cure is the ONLY scientifically proven cure for obesity with virturally a 100% success rate.What is hCG?Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a polypeptide hormone produced in pregnancy first by the embryo, then by the placenta (later in pregnancy,) and then becomes purified through urine.Dr. Simeons discovered that with a small quantity of HCG (in men or in women) helps to free up stored fat, to burn it and to evacuate it through the kidneys. (To get the complete “skinny” on Dr. Simeons “Protocol”, you can download it here.Unlike most diets, during the treatment, because stored fat is being freed & recirculated to burn, you WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY OR DEPRIVED. On the contrary, people who have done the treatment feel strong and energetic and also feel a drastic change within their own bodies from the very first day! When followed by the letter, YOU WILL BURN 30 LBS. in 30 DAYS GUARANTEED.This is not only the fastest contemporary weight loss treatment known to mankind, it is the ONLY scientifically proven cure for obesity with a 100% success rate. HCG IS AN ALL-NATURAL HUMAN, POLYPEPTIDE HORMONE.PLEASE NOTE: As with any precautionary warning, ALWAYS consult with your physician before taking any action in regards to your health.Best of health and quality of life from Natural hCG, your personal Weight-Loss International Escrow Service!