Can You Lose Weight Without A Weight Loss Plan

The simple answer to this question is NO! However that is probably not going to leave many readers satisfied with this article that is supposed to be about weight loss plans. So in the next few paragraphs I want to tell you more specifically why it is a good idea to lose weight number one, and then why it is essential that you have a strategy number two.

So why do we lose weight? Well actually much of the time it is because we don’t like how we look. The problem with that is it is such a fickle feeling and doesn’t provide enough incentive to buckle down to a weight loss plan and carry it out. We can get through life fairly unscathed socially when we are fat if we avoid certain situations namely anything having to do with a swimming suit or an athletic event. The major thing that allows us to do this is the fact that everyone else around us is fat and so we fit right in. We all, especially those in the northern climes that don’t benefit from good amounts of sun, use food to elevate our mood and the fact is that it works. What we are starting to understand is that our motivation should be our health rather than our looks, and if we truly new how dangerous obesity is it would scare us enough that we would take losing weight seriously.

The fact that obesity is a killer is plain. The big three killers for the obese would be art disease atherosclerotic disease, diabetes, and cancer. That obesity is a MAJOR risk factor for these killers is plain as day. Think with me for a minute about all the things that go wrong with an obese individual that send them spiraling toward and early death. First atherosclerosis from high fat and cholesterol diets combined with large floppy hearts, and hypertension that is caused by obesity. This just sets a person up for a major cardiac event that if it doesn’t kill them the first time will on subsequent tries unless they get their act together. Now think about diabetes mellitus type II which has is main etiology in the insulin insensitivity that comes with obesity. This contributes to heart disease as well as renal failure, blindness, and neuropathies that result in either unbearable pain or in amputations. Pretty bleak picture? Make you want to hear about the importance of having a weight loss plan?

This should be brief because it deals with life truths that are pretty obvious. You must plan carefully in life to succeed, learning in life from mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities. You must also plan to achieve discipline. These things are just not natural to humans who if left to their own devices become fat, lazy, and fail. So you must have a weight loss plan to: 1) lose weight properly, 2) lose enough weight to make a life prolonging change, and 3) to maintain your new lifestyle. Sounds easy right? No way! But worth it? For sure.