benefits of good health

With all of us so conscious of the benefits of good health and the consequences of poor health habits, a healthy gift basket is a great Christmas gift. Personalize the contents to your loved ones’ tastes and needs. Just because the contents of your healthy gift basket are good for you, doesn’t mean they can’t be fun!

Children may seem a hard-to-please crowd when we’re talking healthy gift baskets! Children love sweets, and there are many healthy sweets with which you may ply them over to your side! Shortbread cookies filled with jam have sugar, but they also have fruit! Ha! Ditto for oatmeal raisin cookies. Slip in a few granola bars, with fruit, honey, raisins and nuts. A juicy sweet pomegranate may provide a new taste experience, with a lot of natural sugar, and plenty of vitamins A and C.

Teens are vulnerable to hormonal swings that turn into the dreaded blemish or pimple. How can you prepare a healthy gift basket for a teen? I suppose you could sneak in a few favorite fresh fruits. But, a basket filled with inexpensive face masks, foot soothers, and loads of supplements that make for a nice complexion (Vitamins A, C and E and zinc, calcium), with sachets and rose petal bath bags for girls, and shaving kits for boys will be well-received.

Elderly people often have dietary restrictions and aches and pains. The older you get, the more easily convinced you are of healthful treats! If your Grandma loves fruit, a premium selection of organic fruits can easily fill your healthy gift basket. A pampering assortment of herbal bath bags, including lavender, chamomile, rose petals, and peppermint are sure to be appreciated. Your herb store can supply a masterful choice of teas. You can construct an entire healthy gift basket of flavorful herb teas and a special teacup.

What about Mom? She may well enjoy a selection of face creams, cocoa butter, glycerin soaps and bathing luxuries. Herb stores supply various oils beneficial to mature skin. Almond, avocado and jojoba oils should all be sampled, as they are well-absorbed and a panacea to dry skin. Rose water is a good addition, as is witch hazel. Don’t forget to include sachets and soothing bath additives.

Dad may not be health-oriented, but there’s a way around this! Does he enjoy grilling or fishing? Go to the library and consult a book of herbal recipes. Find combinations that go well with different foods, and assemble packets of seasonings he can just sprinkle on that grilled fish or steak for gourmet results. When choosing recipes, remember that rosemary and garlic are good for heart health. Thyme is a natural antibiotic! Ginger and turmeric are good for digestive disturbances. Ask your herb store salesperson for suggestions on combinations that will make Dad a healthy gift basket, whether he knows it or not!

A healthy gift basket is a thoughtful gift. It conveys caring, but need not be boring or ho-hum.