Bellydance Bliss

A Woman’s Unique Guide to Self-Fulfillment
by Lorran Wild

An inspiring and charming book for women that teaches a wisely creative approach to bellydancing as a path to fulfillment. Learn how to create a dance practice that fosters health, happiness, and empowerment through an exploration of foundational movements, sensory exercises, and feminine archetypes.

Lorrans fun and nurturing approach to bellydance combines ancient symbolism with various muses, to access new-world archetypes of womanhood.

Learn the sacred shapes of bellydance and their poetic gestures.

Enhance your senses for pleasure and perception.

Move all your body parts in playful and captivating ways.

Liberate your menstrual genie for balance and empowerment.

Connect to the Temptress, Mother, and Queen within you.

Become happy in your belly!