Bariatric Surgery Improving Mortality Rates of Obesity Related Diseases

We knew that gastric bypass and Lap Band surgery are beneficial for battling obesity and its co-morbidities. But what is more exciting is the number of journal that are reporting the extent of improvement in both medical and psychological quality of life. Did you know that the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most highly respected medical journals reported that gastric bypass not only improves cause related mortality from coronary artery disease by 56% and diabetes by 92%, but also Cancer? Yes, cancer mortality also improves after gastric bypass. When comparing nearly 8,000 patients who had gastric bypass with ~ 8,000 patients of comparable sex, age and before surgery BMI the mortality from Cancer was 60% less. The numbers are astounding.

Losing weight may make you healthier but it also improves your social life? This is reported in a renowned journal, International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine. A study in 2007 showed that significant changes in BMI secondary to weight loss surgery increased employment and subjects living in partnership, improved eating behavior, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms. All this, to complement improvements in your health! Local weight loss surgery Los Angeles patients have achieved incredibly successful and life-changing results not just in their appearance, but also in self-esteem, social and health related issues as well.

Dr. Mark Paya at the California Surgical Weight Loss Center performs Los Angeles bariatric surgery including Lap Band, sleeve gastrectomy procedures, and laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery Los Angeles. They have a multidisciplinary service which includes dietician, psychologist, physical therapist and subspecialists such as gastrointestinology, pulmonary, cardiology and endocrine. They have centers in Glendale, West Hills / Woodland Hills, Northridge, and Los Angeles.